The customer’s challenge

Pentair Haffmans wanted to develop an In-line Turbidity Meter comparable with their existing Off-line Turbidity Meter.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux was responsible for the total optical, mechanical, electronic and firmware design and realisation of the sensor. Sioux also handled the integration and testing of the sensor. After the prototype phase, Sioux provided Pentair Haffmans with support for embedding the In-line Turbidity Meter in their production and qualification processes. 


The In-line Turbidity Meter is available on the market and has been installed for several beverage brands all over the world.


Optics, fluorescence, laser, analogue front-end, FPGA, PCB layout, hygienic, contamination, robust and reliable. 


Pentair Haffmans develops and supplies quality control equipment and carbon dioxide systems for the brewing, soft drink, wine, bioethanol, and biogas industries.