The customer’s challenge

In its typical city execution, the VDL Citea SLFE-120 electric bus has a limited range on batteries between opportunity charge sessions. A hydrogen fuel cell range extender has been added to extend its range up to 400km for sub-urban operation. This fuel cell range extender had to be fully integrated into the existing electronic system and the VDL Citea bus's corresponding vehicle software.

Sioux’s contribution

As a VDL ETS strategic partner, Sioux gathered the requirements, created the system design for electronics and software, and supported integrating the module into the existing vehicle. Sioux extensively supported VDL in integrating vehicle testing and homologation of the fuel cell range extender module.


4 eye-catching and fully integrated prototypes, delivered in June 2020 to R-Net, Rotterdam and driving their daily routes.


E/E architecture, Continental ZR32, KIBES32, MultiViu (MVP), Vehicle integration


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