Impact with smart modules

The complexity of technological products is increasing every day. The interaction between software, electronics and mechanical systems is becoming more and more important. The addition of functionality, scalability and margins is mainly achieved by developing complete functional modules, where all these disciplines are perfectly aligned.

And because it’s so important for your distinctive profile, the best people must be assigned to the project operating as one team, with the best development processes and the best result. And that will bring you automatically to Sioux.


Sioux has all of the necessary expertise to make your product or production system into a success. Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences like software, mechanics, optics, physics, mechatronics, electronics, mathematics and final assembly & testing. We support or form the R&D department of our customers.  Because Sioux has all these skills under one roof, the integral coordination is the best it can be. And all this stems from just one point of contact for the customer.

From concept to delivery

Sioux helps leading high-tech companies in developing, industrialising, manufacturing and delivering their products. We are happy to assume the responsibility – from working together in the concept phase up to and including the delivery of series production. Sioux supports its customers by providing expertise in consulting and projects, and by offering complete box-build solutions and high-tech precision systems. And all this in accordance with the strict requirements of ISO 13485/ ISO 9001.

Ready-to-use solutions

Sioux has a wealth of previously-developed solutions which it can mine, from its rich experience in a whole range of domains. This will speed up your innovation. Existing products can also benefit from this knowledge – to reduce costs, to improve robustness or to raise the capacity of your product.

Best value for money

Sioux makes the most of all available opportunities. Sioux takes on the responsibility of serving its customers to the fullest – adding value, creating speed and offering quality. With our focus on flexibility and productivity, we help to reduce the development time and to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sustainable relationship

We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients. A collaboration based on trust and openness. We want to add value alongside our customers, building innovative solutions which make a contribution to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, more pleasant and more sustainable.

Working together

There are very few companies that dare to assume full responsibility for project results. Sioux does. We understand our customers’ business and we want to grow alongside our clients. Trust and commitment are the foundation of a strategic partnership.

Accurate positioning at high speed

Vexar is an intelligent transport belt that transports and accurately positions a wide variety of media (paper, corrugated sheets, glass, metal, cardboard, etc.) under process modules such as inkjet printheads and laser systems at high speed.

More about Vexar

SAXCS is the name of a new approach to control systems. SAXCS is hardware independent, flexible, and highly suitable for both small and medium-sized production runs.

More about SAXCS

About Sioux

Everything depends on the reliability of your product. Of course, you want a solution that works perfectly. At Sioux we have over 20 years of experience in supporting high-tech companies in developing technically-advanced, intelligent products and systems.

Sioux. Purely personal, purely driven.


Want to know how Sioux can accelerate your product or production system? Take a look at the high-quality services we provide.